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octopus babies you guys


octopus babies you guys




I do have a DeviantART profile, but I warn you: I can't draw, so I mostly do motivationals. And aw, really? I feel honored! *_* You know, I can't find you nor your group on DevianART: I've only found your deleted account... :(



Here it is right here! xD I was banned a long time ago for making two separate accounts (which was apparently verboten at the time). 

I was told in a private conversation that I must post this stream of consciousness somewhere, so I figured I might as well start here. 

I don’t think Frozen is the best Disney movie, but through spending far, far too much time with it lately, it might possibly be my favorite (or a top favorite at least). It’s a personal resonation. I want to say “I wish it wasn’t CGI”, but really, every time I think about the film, it just doesn’t bother me on any level.

It’s a film that purely operates on an emotional level. It thrives purely on the characters and their emotions and turmoils. The story makes no logical sense, but it makes EMOTIONAL sense.
To name one example, there is no real reason why Hans had to be revealed as a villain. But when I watch the poignant moment where he reveals his true colors, all that registers in my mind is shock, anguish and horror. Because it FEELS right that this should happen.

Even taken in a literal sense, Olaf exists because of Elsa’s emotions. She created him subconsciously, out of the love for her sister she feared would be lost. Why does this snowman come to life, when the past snowmen Elsa created didn’t? Again, emotions. The film outright reveals at the end that feelings are how Elsa is able to control her powers. That holding anything within, and letting fear overcome her, would bring chaos and disorder. She created Olaf during “Let it Go” without even realizing what she was doing.
Because of the emotions she was still holding within. And those emotions formed into Olaf’s being.

Every moment in the story, every event and every path the characters take, both good and bad, occur because of their emotions and how they deal with them, be it how they struggle with them, or how they’re free of struggle or inner-conflict (Olaf). The characters are not shoved into a bad situation because the story demands it, they simply make unwise choices out of fear, stress or desperation. 

And well, it’s one of the very rare Disney films of any era where I spend any time thinking about the characters’ lives outside of the film. Most of the other Disney films (the ones that are good, at least) are purely “experiences”, and they succeed moreso in purely dazzling and entertaining audiences rather than establishing any strong characters.

Dumbo, to name one example, is a film, and a very wonderful one at that. Frozen is a peek into the lives of captivating characters.

 Neither one can claim to be better than the other, it’s simply a very different thrill and joy. The latter simply is more to my taste.


Yesterday i ordered a whole bunch of Frozen stuff off of the Disney store website, Sooo… i think im gonna do my first giveaway, celebrating my awesome 350 followers!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! i thought i’d do this as a lil gift to you all to show you guys how much i appreciate you :)

I was thinking of maybe buying more items, and i’m sorry if these items aren’t…the best, but i just blew my whole paycheck on this stuff lol so enjoy!


  • Frozen Blu Ray Collectors Edition DVD
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You do not have to be following me, i’d be happy to give any of you lovely frozen fans these items :)

Likes don’t count (Sorry!)

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Good luck to you all! :)

and make sure your askbox is open so i can send the winner a message!




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Ten of the Best Storybook Cottage Homes Around the World

These 10 fairy tale inspired cottages with their hand-made details call to mind the tales of the Brothers Grimm and other fantasy stories. All of these cottages are real-life homes from around the world. From stunning cottage houses to mystical stone dwellings, these 10 storybook cottage homes provide inspiration and inspire the imagination.

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